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We believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Jewish Messiah whose death fulfills Hebrew Scripture in providing a permanent kaparah (atonement) for sin.

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What is Messianic Judaism?

Messianic Judaism is a biblically based movement of Jewish people who have come to believe in Yeshua as the promised Jewish Messiah of Israel. Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus which means Salvation.

To many this seems a glaring contradiction. Christians are Christians, Jews are decidedly not Christian. So goes the understanding that has prevailed through nearly two thousand years of history. Messianic Jews call this a mistaken – and even anti-Scriptural – understanding. Historical and Biblical evidence demonstrates that following Yeshua was initially an entirely Jewish concept. Decades upon decades of persecution, division, and confused theology all contributed to the dichotomy between Jews and believers in Yeshua that many take for granted today.

Today, there are tens of thousands of Messianic Jews in the United States alone. Messianic synagogues are springing up in almost every major city across the country. Other nations such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Holland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, and South Africa are experiencing a growing movement of Messianic Jews as well.

Is it Jewish to believe in Yeshua?

To some, the concept of a Jew believing in Yeshua seems to be a contradiction. The reason is, many people have a dichotomy set up in their minds. On the one hand, you have Jews and Judaism and on the other hand, Christians and Christianity. You are either one or the other…so the thinking goes.
 But this simple dichotomy is in reality not so simple. If we go back 2000 years we find that Yeshua was a Jew living in a Jewish land among Jewish people. All the apostles were Jewish as well as the writers of the New Covenant and for many years this faith in Yeshua was strictly a Jewish one.
 From the Book of Acts and other historical evidence, many believe that in the first century there were literally hundreds of thousands of Messianic Jews (Acts 2:41, 2:47, 4:4, 6:7, 9:31, 21:20). In addition, there were Messianic Synagogues scattered throughout the Roman Empire and beyond (James 1:1, 2:2). These first century Messianic Jews remained highly loyal to their people.
 Whether it was Jewish to believe in Yeshua was never an issue. Of course it was Jewish! What else could it be? The big question back then was whether Yeshua had been sent for the Gentiles also. When G-d miraculously showed the Messianic Jews that he was the Messiah for both Jew and Gentile alike, then Gentiles from every nation began to pour into this Jewish faith.

Through the years, as the numbers of Gentile believers increased, they began to predominate in this Messianic faith. With the passing on of the Jewish apostles and the early Messianic Jews, the Jewish roots of the faith were eventually lost. This “De-Judaizing” process continued until in one of the greatest paradoxes in history prevailed; it became strange for a Jewish person to believe in Yeshua as his Messiah!

Today we are seeking to put the Messiah back within His biblical and Jewish context. Messianic Judaism is a spiritual renaissance, a revival, a return to the faith as the Messianic Jews had in the first century, unencumbered by the traditions of men. It is a return to a pure and simple faith based upon having a living, vibrant and personal relationship with the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the Messiah Yeshua.

Who was the Promised Messiah?

The Jewish prophet Isaiah answered this question when he said, “All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned everyone to his own way, And the Lord has laid upon Him (the Messiah) the sin of us all.” (Isaiah 53:6) Without G-d there is no hope for mankind. It is obvious that man is separated from G-d when we view the ever-worsening situation in the world today. That is why He sent Yeshua, the Messiah, who came to deliver us from our sins and to bring us into a new life in Him.

For tens of thousands of us today, we know that we have found the Messiah who said, “Do not think that I came to abolish the law or the prophets; I did not come to abolish, but to fulfill.” (Matthew 5:17)

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Our history and vision!

Martin & Yohanna Chernoff (Founders of Beth Yeshua)

Shalom and welcome to Congregation Beth Yeshua, one of the longest standing Messianic Jewish Synagogues world-wide. Since 1967, when Jerusalem came back into Jewish hands, tens of thousands of Jewish people have come into the kingdom of G-d. Many of these Messianic Jews did not want to assimilate in the Church and immediately began to form themselves into Messianic congregations to retain their Jewish heritage and to be a light to their Jewish people. Congregation Beth Yeshua was formed in November 1974 when many Jews came to the knowledge and acceptance of Yeshua, Jesus, as their Mashiach during theJesus Movement in the late 60s, early 70s. In July 1975 Martin Chernoff and his family moved to Philadelphia to shepherd the new congregation. The people of Beth Yeshua were “wandering Jews” meeting for worship at various places; at a community room in a bank, at a Jewish War Veterans meeting space, a nursery facility, the Marriott, the Holiday Inn and finally the Ramara Motor Inn; the members of Beth Yeshua truly had to learn to “rough it” prior to moving into their present facility in 1981.
In 1985 Martin Chernoff went to be with the Lord and his son, David, who had been serving as the Assistant Messianic Rabbi, became Rabbi. To this day Beth Yeshua has continued growth and has even influenced the building of new Messianic congregations and synagogues throughout the U.S.; as far west as California, as far south as Florida and even to far north Canada. Beth Yeshua has even assisted with planting congregations overseas. The majority of the congregation is Jewish but we also have a growing ministry to believers of various cultural backgrounds that are drawn to the Jewish roots of a faith in Jesus as Lord and Messiah. David Chernoff now serves as Senior Messianic Rabbi and Director of Kesher Ministries International, an organization dedicated to outreach to the Jewish people as well as supporting Messianic synagogues in Israel, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. Our doors are open to all and we hope to have you visit soon! Answers to questions about our Beliefs and Messianic Judaism can be found on our site or by contacting our office. ​ Congregation Beth Yeshua is affiliated with the International Alliance of 
Messianic Congregations and Synagogues, a ministry of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America.