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UPDATE: June 20 @ 4PM
Mark's condition has taken a turn for the worse. If there was a time to pray, it's NOW. We're asking everyone to be in strong prayer over the course of the next 72 hours.
The care team at the hospital are taking aggressive medical treatment measures to offer Mark the best chance of survival. We are also preparing that this might be the Lord's plan for Mark's "graduation to heaven" as Mark would put it.
May the Lord's perfect will be done!

UPDATE: May 29 @ 4PM
Bleeding stopped Saturday morning.
Ongoing monitoring in ICU
He is stable, no surgery required at this time.
Prayer needs are that his brain swelling decreases and that they are able to feed him as there are complications with a feeding tube and that his mental exam improves; he is not speaking with cognition and not responding to verbal instructions.

UPDATE: May 27 @ 11:16AM
Dear friends,
Mark Dayan has suddenly taken a turn for the worse.  He has started bleeding on his brain again and the doctors are trying to decide what to do.  The  medical team is doing everything that they can and we want everyone praying for Mark at this time. Pray for a "Lazarus miracle" in which God raises him up again and to stop the new bleed.
We will post updates here whenever possible. Right now  they are doing more tests. This is the latest information.
Keep praying and we’re expecting another miracle.
Rabbi David Chernoff

UPDATE: May 17, 2022
Today we heard VERY good news from the rehab! Mark is improving with such speed that the doctors have decided to extend his stay until June 1st (he was originally going to be discharged to a skilled nursing home on May 10th). This is out of the ordinary for this specialized hospital rehab but they are very encouraged by the speed of recovery and they do not want to set him off track by moving him outside the hospital. They reported that he is climbing stairs, 3 flights in fact, walking 300ft with assistance by a walker, eating better on his own and his overall comprehension and speech is increased.
The rehab has an extensive care schedule of therapies and classes each hour throughout the day. This is an enormous answer to prayer! If Mark had not responded to these therapies they would've discharged him much sooner.
Please keep praying, your prayers are heard and being answered!
We continue to collect donations for Mark's long term needs; if you haven't yet, please consider donating to the benevolence fund we created for him. 100% of the donations are used for his care.

Mark's Accident from March 25, 2022
Hello dear friends,

I am Rabbi David Chernoff of Congregation Beth Yeshua in Media, PA and Mark Dayan's Rabbi as well as his close family friend and employer. I have known Mark for over 50 years, he has been a member of my synagogue and serves at Beth Yeshua as a cantor, music/worship leader, administrator and ordained Messianic Minister. You can witness Mark's special gifts in music and cantorial liturgy at our YouTube channel during our services by visiting this link

Mark has touched so many lives throughout the years, my own children who are grown now still call him "Uncle Mark" as many of you might also do. He is a brother to all of us here at Beth Yeshua and I know that many who know him feel the same way. I feel that we as his broader spiritual "family" need to come together to financially support Mark during this medical emergency.

Two weeks ago, it looked like Mark would pass away from this terrible and severe head injury that left him incapacitated and requiring surgery. God stepped in. Surgery went well and the doctors at the Guadalajara hospital gave a wonderful report.

Unfortunately, the report was “overly optimistic” and somewhat premature.

While Mark is doing well beyond what the doctors (and all of us) expected he is still in a serious physical condition. He is now not in danger of his life, but recovery is slow and may take weeks, months or even a year to fully recover.

We are believing and praying that Mark’s healing will continue on an accelerated path.

The doctors at the trauma hospital have said to us that they have done all that they can for him and he will eventually go into a rehab place here at his home in PA. Due to his fragile state, he must be transported by “air-ambulance”, a specialized hospital aircraft with a medical care team aboard and bring Mark back to Philadelphia where he will be admitted to a hospital for further evaluation and medical care.

This confirms what we have been feeling from the Lord i.e. bring Mark home.

We're seeking to raise $100,000 for Mark's medical needs. This includes the cost for the air-ambulance flight $20,000(first quote was $50k), expenses already incurred in Mexico related to Mark's surgery and care $50,000+ and rehab and therapy as well as round-the-clock nursing care $30,000+.
I realize these are estimates but bills are already charging to credit cards and Mark's needs are changing daily, in addition, insurance did not pay for up front costs(aka direct billing) associated to international travel. My office staff are coordinating with Mark's insurance and our employee medical plan as well as the hospital in Mexico to try to recover some of the the expenses. We cannot wait what might be weeks to get answers from insurance companies as they review the claims, we are moving ahead using resources available to us i.e. credit cards, wiring cash etc., the money is needed now.

The “GoFundMe” for Mark will payoff the credit cards used for this flight as well as hospital bills, physician bills, copays, nursing facilities, rehab and therapies not covered by insurance. It is the Lord’s will for us to “bring our brother home” and take care of  him till he is totally healed and restored. Give as you are able but also ASAP as we are moving forward to bring Mark home this week.

Donations will be deposited into a special benevolence fund for Mark that I have arranged for at the synagogue. The fund will be handled much like a trust for Mark and managed by Mark's lawyers, his guardian, myself and a medical care team.

Thank you for support Mark and God bless all of you!

If you prefer, you can give directly to Congregation Beth Yeshua for Mark's medical care by check made payable to:

Beth Yeshua
PO Box 1717
Media, PA 19063
(in the check memo write "bring Mark home")

You can also call Beth Yeshua Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm or leave a message @ 215-477-2706

UPDATE: March 30, 2022
Shalom! Thank you for supporting Mark during this difficult time. He is now in the US praise God! We were able to afford the air-ambulance and he is being examined and cared for by his own physicians. It's a breath of relief that he arrived safely but the path to total recover is long. Mark has very little memory (which we're told will return with time) and he is not able to speak with coherence. He is still being fed through a tube and cannot walk or stand. The neurologists tell us even in his current state he is doing very well for this type of brain injury. Keep Mark in constant prayer. We will continue raising financial support for Mark's medical expenses which are numerous and he will need help paying for rehab. Thank you!

UPDATE: April 7, 2022
Mark continues to improve; his speech is getting better so he can now make short responses to simple questions. He still lacks the ability to hold a conversation and we don’t know how many of us he recognizes or what he remembers. It will take time and we need to be patient as Mark’s brain heals. Nurses however say he is “hilarious” and “one of the nicest patients they have”. The other day he was attempting to sing God Bless America and when they asked him what he does for a living he responded, “argue with God”. Today the surgeon informed us that Mark has multiple fractures in his face to include his eye socket. They are planning to perform surgery either Saturday or Tuesday to repair the fractures. Please pray that he remains in stable, healthy condition throughout the 3hr surgery. In the meantime, the Beth Yeshua office staff are coordinating with insurance as well as making plans for Mark in the long-term; please also keep us in prayer. Monetary donations are still being collected for Mark’s therapy, rehab and round the clock nursing which will continue long after hospitalization. Please consider donating if you haven’t yet as the money is already being used and is a great support for Mark!

UPDATE: April 20, 2022
Shalom Everyone,  First of all, I want to thank all of you who have given generous financial gifts to help Mark out at this time. As you know, we brought him home baruch hashem! Now Medicare can finally pick up the cost of  Mark’s care while in the hospital. When he was in Mexico, the hospital would only take cash or credit card.  Mark incurred close to $90,000 in expenses i.e. medical care, surgeries, air ambulance etc. We are in the process of paying off all those bills now. I want to clarify Mark’s condition for you.  He  cannot walk or stand on his own at this time. He talks but it is usually disjointed. He does not recognize many people. He is sleeping most of the time and has lost some weight. His feeding tube was removed and he is being fed simple soft foods. His facial surgery to repair the bones was a success. He has been moved out of acute care and into the rehab part of the hospital. This is all normal for an extreme brain trauma patient of 70 years of age. Right now, we have learned it will take a minimum of 6-12 months in rehab and with assistance to determine what Mark's full recovery will be. While all of that might  seem discouraging to all who know and love Mark, the doctors and medical team are quite positive. He is on an excellent trajectory of recovery and they are encouraged. He is getting small victories every day. Of course, we know that the Lord can accelerate his healing and restore him to complete health. Sometimes, even divine healing takes time.  The finances continue to be important. We don’t know the long-term expenses for Mark but we are working on his financial situation all the time. Continue to give as you are able and know that 100% of the money you give for Mark  will go to his medical care.  Keep praying and God bless all of you. Rabbi David Chernoff