Youth Ministry

Who We Are

Congregation Beth Yeshua youth group is for teens and preteens ages 11-18. It consists of youth who meet regularly to study scripture, worship and pray together, to fellowship and have fun doing different social activities and to do services projects in our local community. Our youth group goes to different messianic conferences such as the MJAA’s Messiah Conference each July and the YMJA NE retreat every spring. These different events help cultivate a closer relationship with the Lord, each other and our messianic community

Our Vision

The purpose of Congregation Beth Yeshua’s youth group is to promote spiritual growth, uplift one another through fellowship, solidify our jewish identity, study the old and new testament, train our youth to navigate challenges specific to their age group and to help form a strong spiritual foundation

Events are happening through zoom meetings - Contact Rebekah & Jason below!

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your youth.